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Welcome to the World of Oustomia!

This wiki is made with the intent to catalog and compile information relevant to the expanded universe of the Oustomia series of Living Worlds. We have information dedicated to Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Starjammer, and 5e, all with it's own unique spin on lore and information, ranging from the base and original world of Oustomia, where 5e and Pathfinder take place, to the expanded, future universe of Starjammer, with hundreds of different worlds and places to visit. The information is always expanding, and we even have wikia pages dedicated to our player characters. Feel free to take a look around! If you want to contribute, you certainly can! I'm still figuring stuff out about it myself, of course! First things first, if you're new to the game, please take a look at our Character Creation Guide!

Wanna delve right into our rich history and lore? Check out the Oustomia Timeline!

Oustomia itself is a very, very large world, with multiple sides. However, players typically focus on the continents of Egronia, Bricca, Amaria, Kivath and The Northern Tundra - a bit of info on these can be found on the Oustomia page! The Cities category is also freely available for you to browse!

Currently, the other continents are not available for play on. This may change in the future, depending upon the players we have! Who knows what'll happen?

Want to know more about the world? Why don't you start with the article on Places, or maybe even head on down to the Characters, to find out more about the characters in the world! Also, check out the Homebrews section for a list of our homebrews! In addition, if you have 'RP'(known as Roleplay Points), check out the Roleplay Points section!

If you have any question please check out our FAQs!

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